Translation services

In choosing Klaipėdos vertimai, you will never go wrong. We offer and ensure the following:

  • Best price
  • High quality
  • Completed and delivered on-time
  • Exceptional attention to each and every customer
  • Translation using special CAT software, such as Trados
  • Translations to/from European and Asian languages (more than 60 language combinations)
  • Availability of work outside the usual business hours and on weekends
  • Special prices and discounts for our regular customers


We also provide additional guarantees – our translation agency is insured by civil liability insurance.



We provide translation (text translation) services to/from over 60 languages in various language pairs, including Latvian-German, Russian-Portuguese, etc. In addition to the most popular languages, our list of translation services also includes rare languages such as Hindi, Igbo, Farsi, Greek, Azerbaijani, and more.



Although consecutive interpretation is often replaced by simultaneous interpretation, it continues to be used during certain meetings (e.g., when dealing with technical issues, during business lunches, small group meetings, visits, training sessions, and travel).


Text editing services

Want to order a translation of the texts you intend to publish or use for advertising? Created a text yourself and would like a professional philologist to review the text and make sure it sounds great and meets all the current rules of grammar, vocabulary, and style? In this case, we recommend ordering the text editing/stylistic editing service.


Notarial and agency certifications

Certification of translations
There are two methods of certifying a translation: certifying a translation with the seals of the translation agency and translator’s signature, or notarising a translation.


The Apostille service: legalisation of documents

Both an original document and a notarised copy of the original can be certified by an Apostille. Documents certified by an Apostille are valid in all states that acceded to the Hague Convention of 5 October 1961 – Abolishing the Requirement of Legalisation of Foreign Public Documents. The Apostille service for documents issued in Lithuania is provided by public notaries of the Republic of Lithuania.


Translations for Lithuanians abroad

Klaipėdos vertimai provides translation services to / from various languages to Lithuanians who are currently staying in other countries or reside there permanently.