Translation quality guarantee


ext translation orders are grouped by field (for example, legal, technical, financial, medical, etc.) and the orders for the respective field are performed only by translators with the relevant specialization, for example, medical texts are translated by translators who have both philological and medical education.


A text submitted by the translator is reviewed by a second translator or text editor (as needed). We use foreign translators to ensure that a translator whose mother tongue is not a target language translates the text correctly. If necessary, the translation into a foreign language can be edited by an editor whose mother tongue is the target language (proofreading by a native speaker).


We use CAT tools (for example, Trados) to ensure the quality of translation, which helps to ensure consistency of terminology and allows us to form the memory of clients’ translations.


We provide clients with an additional guarantee regarding our translation services: our translation agency is covered by civil liability insurance totalling EUR 30,000 (though we have never had a need to make use of this insurance yet).